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A simple Sort By Column function #213

JesseDahl opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I've just started using this library recently, so I may just not be using it correctly yet. I was looking for a concise way to sort by a column without having to write a comparator function each time I called it, so I wrote this:

Miso.Dataset.prototype.sortByCol = function(column) {
    return this.sort(function(rowA, rowB) {
        if (rowA[column] < rowB[column]) { 
            return -1; 
        if (rowA[column] > rowB[column]) { 
            return 1;  
        return 0;    

I was wondering if:
1) I'm just missing something in the API, and there is already an easy/concise way to sort by column
2) If not, is this something that you might want to add to the API?

Also, I'm not sure if this hack works if the column ends up being an object instead of just a basic type. Haven't tested it out yet.


Neat extension .. maybe the seed for a Miso plugin project?

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