Code exercise on Layout and JavaScript
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Code exercise on Layout and JavaScript

Create a basic responsive page that includes a contact form and JavaScript validation.

Page should contain the following: note placeholder content is sufficient(test is for layout not content)

  • Header
  • sidebar
  • Main content
  • footer

Choose the basic break points mobile, table, desktop that display 3 distinctive layouts

Main Content should contain a basic contact form with error messaging for fields filled with incorrect information (all should also be responsive)

  • Name(required field)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address(required field)
  • Subject
  • Message

Create JavaScript form validation

  • Bonus + build the CSS in Sass
  • Bonus ++ modern CSS3 layout techniques with appropriate legacy fallbacks

Try to Use:

  • SASS or LESS
  • Git
  • JavaScript/jQuery

My comments

  • so far footer issue, but made it look visually appealing so it's there.
  • validation isn't outputting, in the console it shows true or false console.log(validName.isValid());