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Google Book API about:

This is my second project! I am a little proud at how far I came with it. I wish the database system worked. Between my backend and mongoDB I ran errors left and right. I tried to use the unicorn demo from class to help me. But it didn't help. It gave me errors as I fiddled with peices. Either way, I personally feel like I have come a lot further from last project.

Check Out The App

Front End:

Heroku: 1). Git: 2). Git Hub Pages:

Back End:

1). Git: 2). Heroku:

This is a fullstack web app that uses a single API. There is a backend server, a frontend server and a NoSql database. (Mongo)

The API's are from:

APP features:

  • Search & Grab books. (get prices, short descriptions and the author of the book)
  • Save books you like or change your mind and delete the ones you don't.
  • Share books with friends, even if they are on this app via email.

MVP Checklist:

  • The User can search for a book by Title & Author*
  • All searched for book are appended to the DOM.
  • CRUD actions for Book
  • Mailto button created*

Glitches & Issues:

  • Searching for Author's returns errors. But you can use the drop down search book title with the Author's name it'll return something.
  • I don't see where books are being favorited. There is a DB. However, it's showing activity in the console for CRUD features.
  • There is a share/mailto button, but it's not functional and returned errs as well.