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About the App

We call it CarFetch. A car shopping App. Created by Carrow and Tiffany. It was built in a matter of 7 days for a final project at General Assembly. The purpose of CarFetch is to aid people in vehicle shopping. Making the the car shopping experience less of a hassle.

CarFetch will let you find different dealerships to shop from. You'll get the address and the place your looking to go to buy on one simple and clean app. You'll be able to read and post reviews on, dealerships and actually products the others have purchased.

As we worked on creating this app day in and day out. It went nameless. If it wasn't for the help of our classmate; Mimi Wu. We'd probably still be nameless.


This app is built on React (front-end) and Ruby on Rails (back-end). The front end is coded in ES6, with ReactBootstrap making is more dashing in appearance, along with The back end is coded in Ruby. With a SQLite Database that supports a Message Board and other CRUD(Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) features.

alt text

alt text

The Creators




Thanks to Mimi Wu for helping Tiffany go about a better way to create the backend and frontend repos. And Also for naming the App! :)

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