PHP frontend for Supervisord daemon manager
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PHP front-end for Supervisor daemon manager

This library provides a basic PHP interface to connect to a running Supervisor server via a TCP or UNIX socket.

Supervisor allows you to manage daemon processes, you can:

  • Group Processes
  • Start + Stop Processes & Process Groups
  • Tail stdout and stderr
  • Send stdin
  • Read process logs

The PHP API matches the Supervisor XML-RPC API as closely as possible and therefore is not the ideal PHP interface for process management.

Feel free to extend, or build higher level abstractions on top of this library.



Example Usage

use \Supervisord\Connection\Stream;
use \Supervisord\Connection\StreamConnection;
use \Supervisord\Connection\StreamException;

/** @see example.php */

// Connect to server
try {
    $stream = new Stream( '' );
    $connection = new StreamConnection( $stream );

// Connection Error
catch( StreamException $e ) {
    die( "Can't connect to server at\n" );

// Create client
$client = new Client( $connection );

// Add a group
$client->addGroup( 'log', 999 );

// Create a new process
$client->addProgramToGroup( 'log', 'syslog01', array(
    'command' => 'tail -f /var/log/syslog',
    'autostart' => 'false',
    'autorestart' => 'true',
    'startsecs' => 1,

// Start the process
$client->startProcess( 'log:syslog01', 'false' );

// Start the whole group
$client->startProcessGroup( 'log', 'false' );

// Output single process info
printf( "Single Process:\n%s\n", print_r( $client->getProcessInfo( 'log:syslog01' ), true ) );

// Output process stdout
printf( "StdOut:\n%s\n", print_r( $client->tailProcessStdoutLog( 'log:syslog01', 0, 1024 ), true ) );

// Output process stderr
printf( "StdErr:\n%s\n", print_r( $client->tailProcessStderrLog( 'log:syslog01', 0, 1024 ), true ) );

// Send process stdin
$client->sendProcessStdin( 'log:syslog01', 'hello world!' );

// Stop the process
$client->stopProcess( 'log:syslog01', 'false' );

// Stop the whole group
$client->stopProcessGroup( 'log', 'false' );

// Add a group
$client->removeProcessGroup( 'log' );

// Reset server



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Regenerate the client library after installing RPC extensions

php reflect.php


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