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Demo: cm-update-server

This repo is a Vagrant-based demo server for xdarklight's Cyanogenmod Update Server, which is a open source implementation of the Cyanogenmod REST API used by the CMUpdater app. It allows monitoring and installation of both full and incremental updates to arbitrary custom ROMs.

This is still a work in progress.


After installing Vagrant and Virtualbox:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus
vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier # Optional

vagrant up

You now have a local Virtualbox VM running at http://localhost:3000/api. You will need to log in via vagrant ssh and follow the cm-update-server README instructions in order add ROMs.


vm~$ vagrant ssh
vm~$ sudo bash
vm~$ cd /opt/nodejs/cm-update-script
vm~$ node add-build.js --device grouper --filename --md5sum 0dff54e10853eb8fcf37ecef9cf1bd4b --channel SNAPSHOT --api_level 19 --timestamp 1415780513 --incrementalid 2e6a32151e --active --subdirectory grouper-11.0
vm~$ exit
host~$ curl --data '{"method":"get_all_builds","params":{"device":"grouper","channels":["snapshot"]}}'