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Mission Pinball Framework Documentation (mpf-docs)

This repo is the documentation for the Mission Pinball Framework.

Docs are hosted by Read the Docs at You can download PDF, HTML, and Epub versions.

The "latest" branch of these docs corresponds to the latest released branch recent version of MPF. (We note which features have been added, changed, and removed as needed.)

Building Docs Locally

You can build the docs using Sphinx. You will first need to install Python 3.x and pip. Then add these libraries:

pip install sphinx
pip install gitpython
pip install sphinx_rtd_theme
pip install sphinx-notfound-page
pip install ruamel.yaml==0.15.100

Running Unit Tests

To test that MPF can run all the config snippets in the docs and run the corresponding unit tests inside the docs (if there is one) type:

make unit

Compiling HTML

Compile the docs to ./_build/html/ with the command:

make html


These docs are licensed CC BY 4.0. MPF and all code licensed MIT.