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Add drop target sound tip to sound tips

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@@ -162,3 +162,47 @@ That's all there is to it. Now whenever the ``my_video_is_playing`` MPF event i
music track will be paused. It will be resumed when the ``my_video_has_stopped`` MPF event
is posted.

When Two Drop Targets Are Hit Simultaneously How Do I Keep Two Sounds From Playing

A common scenario with drop targets is top play a sound when each target is hit. Frequently a
player will hit two targets with a single shot dropping them both virtually at the same time. In
this situation playing a sound for each target is not always desired. Instead, it would be nice
to only have a single sound played when the targets are hit within a short time window.

One possible way to solve this in MPF is to use :doc:`counters </game_logic/logic_blocks/counters>`.
Counters have a :doc:`multiple_hit_window </config/counters>` setting that prevents accidental
double hits within the configured time period. Instead of using the target hit event to trigger the
sound, the target hit event will trigger the counter which in turn will post a hit event that can be
used to trigger the sound. Here is an example:

.. code-block:: mpf-config

switch: sw_drop_target_1
reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
switch: sw_drop_target_2
reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
switch: sw_drop_target_3
reset_coil: reset_drop_targets

count_events: drop_target_target_1_hit, drop_target_target_2_hit, drop_target_target_2_hit
multiple_hit_window: 500ms
events_when_hit: drop_target_counter_hit

file: blip1.wav
track: sfx
volume: 0.75

action: play

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