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Bridge to run MPF games on Virtual Pinball (VPX) tables
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VPX Demo
Start Test.cmd

Bridge Installation:

  1. Register mpf-visual-pinball bridge (run cmd shell as Administrator): python –register

  2. Create Your MPF table folder. In Your config.yaml enter: hardware: platform: virtual_pinball

  3. In VPX edit script and replace the controller with: Set Controller = CreateObject(“MPF.Controller”)

To run a game:

  1. start MPF (mpf both), wait until the display has been initialized
  2. start VPX (as Administrator).
  3. Run VPX table.

Remarks: The setting of cGamename in VPX is not used to establish or check the connection. The VPX Bridge connects to the running MPF.

To run a test:

  1. run "Start Test.cmd" or run shell command "python -m unittest"
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