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increase fast boot sleep because bad firmware

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jabdoa2 committed May 12, 2019
1 parent 1ec40b5 commit e031cb047dcecaaeb9eb37fc11422ea657e2ed71
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  1. +2 −1 mpf/platforms/fast/
@@ -200,10 +200,11 @@ def query_fast_io_boards(self):
yield from asyncio.wait_for(self.reset_net_cpu(), 5, loop=self.machine.clock.loop)
except asyncio.TimeoutError:
self.platform.warning_log("Reset of NET CPU failed. This might be a firmware bug in your version.")
yield from asyncio.sleep(.1, loop=self.machine.clock.loop)
self.platform.debug_log("Reset successful")

yield from asyncio.sleep(.5, loop=self.machine.clock.loop)

self.platform.debug_log('Reading all switches.')
msg = ''

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