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Two elements of a binary search tree (BST) are swapped by mistake.
Recover the tree without changing its structure.
A solution using O(n) space is pretty straight forward. Could you devise a constant space solution?
confused what "{1,#,2,3}" means? > read more on how binary tree is serialized on OJ.
void traverse(TreeNode* node, vector<int> &val, vector<TreeNode*> &index)
if(node == NULL)
traverse(node->left, val, index);
traverse(node->right, val, index);
void recoverTree(TreeNode *root)
vector<int> val;
vector<TreeNode*> index;
traverse(root, val, index);
sort(val.begin(), val.end());
for(int i = 0; i < val.size(); ++i)
index[i]->val = val[i];
void treeWalk(TreeNode* root, TreeNode* pre, TreeNode* first, TreeNode* second)
if(root == NULL)
treeWalk(root->left, pre, first, second);
if(pre != NULL && (pre->val > root->val))
if(first == NULL)
first = pre;
second = root;
pre = root;
treeWalk(root->right, pre, first, second);
void recoverTree(TreeNode *root)
TreeNode* first = NULL;
TreeNode* second = NULL;
TreeNode* pre = NULL;
treeWalk(root, pre, first, second);
int tmp = first->val;
first->val = second->val;
second->val = tmp;