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You can always view the latest progress of Kitten VR over at


Kitten VR began as an experiment with building low poly environments in Unity 5, and quickly turned into a simple application with a lot of potential. My goals with Kitten VR are twofold: to have a simple, easy to play mini-game for use with virtual reality devices that I can use as a basis for testing new VR SDKs, and to document the process for those interested in learning how to build applications that take advantage of today's VR ecosystem themselves.

Update: 12/21/15 The latest version of KittenVR (0.2.0) is now available for download at This is built for the Oculus 0.8 runtime.

Music: "Carefree" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Known Issues

  • Framerate is likely going to be too low - needs optimization
  • Input axes are not as expected

0.2.0 Change Log

  • Added holiday theme
  • Support for VR, tested with Oculus Runtime 0.2.0
  • Collection is now on-collision, not on-click

0.1.7 Change Log

  • Added audio background music
  • Get VR UI Working
  • Added reset trigger with 'J' key

Upcoming Tasks

  • Refactor input for GearVR
  • Experiment with the Open Source VR (OSVR) SDK


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