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Circuit Breaker

This is Circuit Breaker, an interactive Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit.


Install Circuit Breaker through RubyGems.

$ gem install circuitbreaker

Alternatively, you can clone the repository.

$ git clone
$ cd CircuitBreaker/
$ bundle


There are currently two backends implemented: Faron, and Lanayru. Faron works with ELF core dumps from Twili, whereas Lanayru connects through Twili and debugs an active process running on hardware.

This gem provides executables for each backend.

$ faron coredump.elf # takes a path to a core dump
[1] pry(#<CircuitBreaker::Faron::InteractiveDSL>)> quit
$ lanayru 0x57 # takes a process ID
[1] pry(#<CircuitBreaker::Faron::InteractiveDSL>)>

If you are working with a checked out repo, use bundle exec.

$ bundle exec faron coredump.elf

Until I write new documentation, refer to the old verion's README.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at