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@reswitchedteam reswitchedteam released this Mar 30, 2019

Please let me know of any issues you have! Discord (you can find me in the ReSwitched discord) or the GBAtemp thread are preferable to the issue tracker, which I'd like to reserve for confirmed bugs and issues.


  • Added GDB stub (Linux/OSX only).
  • Added twib push and twib pull.
  • Added suspended launch for twib run.
  • Fixed AppletTracker hbmenu null pointer dereference.
  • Thread handles for libnx managed processes need to be 64-bit for some reason.
  • Vastly reduced memory usage (~29MiB -> 9MiB).
  • Added buffering for TwibPipe (should improve performance for short/frequent writes by avoiding round trip over USB).
  • Refactored platform-specific code in twib/twibd.
  • Made twib daemon exit cleanly on SIGINT.
  • Made twib daemon block list-devices until it's done probing (fixes race condition on startup).
  • Fixed TCPBackend for Windows.
  • Fixed MessageConnection out_buffer synchronization on Windows.
  • Fixed twib run on Windows.
  • Fixed twib for cygwin/msys2.
  • Made PostBufferSync timeout infinite (fixes random fatals).
  • Improved device unplug error handling.
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