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  • Added GDB stub (Linux/OSX only).
  • Added twib push and twib pull.
  • Added suspended launch for twib run.
  • Fixed AppletTracker hbmenu null pointer dereference.
  • Thread handles for libnx managed processes need to be 64-bit for some reason.
  • Vastly reduced memory usage (~29MiB -> 9MiB).
  • Added buffering for TwibPipe (should improve performance for short/frequent writes by avoiding round trip over USB).
  • Refactored platform-specific code in twib/twibd.
  • Made twib daemon exit cleanly on SIGINT.
  • Made twib daemon block list-devices until it's done probing (fixes race condition on startup).
  • Fixed TCPBackend for Windows.
  • Fixed MessageConnection out_buffer synchronization on Windows.
  • Fixed twib run on Windows.
  • Fixed twib for cygwin/msys2.
  • Made PostBufferSync timeout infinite (fixes random fatals).
  • Improved device unplug error handling.
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