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@reswitchedteam reswitchedteam released this Jan 13, 2020

This release includes lots of fixes. Most notably, ManagedProcess has been replaced with ShellProcess. This fixes filesystem access issues when running sysmodules through twib run. Additionally, USB logging has been disabled by default. This means that hbmenu will now launch without USB connected.



  • Added library list to gdb stub.
  • Added more filesystem commands (#84, #81).
  • Added support for reading and writing FPU registers in GDB stub.
  • Added ShellProcess.


  • Removed ManagedProcess.


  • Applet process can now be requested to exit before they launch.
  • Raised applet process stack size.
  • Updated for Atmosphere changes.
  • Refactored a lot of AppletProcess functionality into ECSProcess and TrackedProcess.
  • Disabled USB logging by default, since it confuses people.
  • Reboot command now uses spsm and reboots to payload.
  • Twili aborts now show better information on the fatal error screen.


  • Fixed USB objects being closed when TCP connects (#70).
  • Worked around LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS when udev is slow to change permissions.
  • Fixed HandleReadMemory not returning after error (#74).
  • Fixed GDB multiprocessing thread reporting (supposedly improves IDA compatibility).
  • Fixed Xcode clang asan build error.
  • Fixed systemd service file to use absolute path.
  • Fixed libusb_claim_interface failure path.
  • Fixed gdb stub 'ENN`' error reporting.
  • Fixed blockingconcurrentqueue on macOS.
  • Fixed several twibd deadlocks.
  • Fixed MonitoredProcess swallowing unknown errors.
  • Fixed leaking twili.ini file handle (this lets you twib sd push twili.ini)
  • Worked around debugging PID 0.
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