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Please note that this is work in progess. See other branches for stable releases.

This module contains the source files for the

Implementation of the Missy Project Model

which is a more specific model, compared to the disco-spec model.

Data Model

The DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary is used as core data model in order to discover DDI metadata. The DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary is an ontology of the Data Documentation Initiative in the world of Linked Open Data. This core data model is extended by a MISSY project-specific data model. These data models can be stored using multiple formats such as DDI-XML, DDI-RDF and relational databases .

Microdata Information System (MISSY)

MISSY is developed by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

MISSY is a scientific metadata system providing structured metadata for microdata from official statistics online. The aim of MISSY is to facilitate a professional and efficient use of official microdata for the social sciences. It currently supports social scientists working with the German Microcensus (, an extension for the documentation of European microdata is under work. Within the Data without Boundaries project, MISSY is used for the documentation of integrated European OS microdata held by Eurostat (WP5, Task 3): European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, European Union Labour Force Survey, Adult Education Survey, Structure of Earnings Survey and Community Innovation Survey.

Metadata is entered via the MISSY-Editor, a DDI-based metadata tool. In addition to detailed variable level metadata, the MISSY-Editor covers a comprehensive study description including country-specific information. To integrate a part of the metadata automatically into the database, several import routines are provided (e.g. from SPSS output and Excel). DDI export routines will be available to enable a reuse of the metadata in other systems.

At present, the MISSY-Editor is used for a project-related documentation of European microdata and allows for off-site use by external DwB partners. It is planned to develop the MISSY-Editor as a standalone web application. Reusable Open Source software components are available at



License & Copyright

Apache License, Version 2.0

© GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.


Data model of the missy project. Extends the disco model with projects specific requirements.



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