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C16 for MiST

This is the MiST port of Istvan Hegedus' FPGATED project.

The source code of the modified version is available in the mist-board repository.


Copy the latest core version onto a SD card and rename it to core.rbf.

Alternate kernals/NTSC

By default the core will boot the built-in PAL kernal which will run the C16 in PAL video mode. Thus your screen needs to support 50Hz PAL timing. In order to get a NTSC setup you need to place a c16 NTSC kernal on the SD card and rename to C16.ROM. This kernal will then be uploaded into the core on boot time and replace the built-in PAL kernal. This can also be used to run the kernal version of the diag264 roms.

Loading and running programs

You probably also want to put some games in c16/plus4 PRG format onto the SD card, preferably into a c16 subdirectory. Once the c16 has booted use F12 to open the on screen display (OSD), select Load PRG and the PRG you want to load. The screen will flicker for a fraction for a second while the program is being loaded directly into the C16 ram.

Afterwards type RUN to run the game.

Using the 1541 floppy

You can also load from floppy images in D64 format using the built-in 1541. Use Mount D64 from the OSD to insert a floppy disk image in D64 format. The simply use the regular C16 methods to access the floppy disk. In most cases LOAD "*",8 and a subsequent RUN will be what you want.

Using a SCART TV

The C16 core supports the MiST's ability to disable the built-in VGA scandoubler. Using the appropriate cable the C16 core can thus drive a standard SCART TV.