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old Gameboy: fix color cart detection Jul 17, 2019
gb_190717.rbf Gameboy: fix color cart detection Jul 17, 2019 Gameboy update Feb 16, 2019

Gameboy for MIST

This is an early version of a gameboy core for the MIST.

A good number of games already work incl Tetris, Mario and Zelda. But many things don't work fully yet.

If game cartridge is stored in the SD cards root directory under the name gameboy.rom it will be loaded by default.



  • Many updates
  • Game Boy Color support


  • Fast boot option bypassing the logo animation
  • Sprite priority (e.g. Super Mario sprite vs. pipes)


  • Added audio
  • Allow DMA from cartridge RAM (fixes Sprites in Warioland)
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