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Atari ST core for the MIST board

In order to use this core you need to put it under the name core.rbf onto the SD card.

You also need a tos rom image. It's preferred to use a TOS 2.06 image from e.g. here. The tos rom image must be named tos.img and has to be placed in the SD cards root directory just like the core itself. Emutos is also supported, but is not recommended due to its limited game compatibility.

To speed up booting a floppy disk image should also be present. Just put the demo disk also into the root of the SD card and the system will boot into the desktop imediately.

To use the Atari ST system font for the MISTs first boot messages the Atari ST system font may also be copied into the cards root.

Other floppy disk images in .ST format can be selected in the OSD (open with F12).


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