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MiSTery - An Atari ST/STe core for the MiST board


  • Cycle accurate STe GLUE+MMU combo (re-created from the original schematics)
  • Cycle accurate FX68K CPU core
  • Mostly cycle accurate shifter based on schematics made from reverse engineering
  • MegaSTe 16 MHz CPU mode
  • RAM size up to 14MB
  • Support for all TOS versions
  • 2 Floppy disc drives
  • ACSI hard disc support
  • Viking compatible hi-res monochrome card support
  • Real IKBD with HD63701 MCU
  • Real MIDI input/output using MiST's UART pins
  • Serial/parallel port redirect to USB
  • Gauntlet type 4 joystick interface support
  • Optional scandoubled/YPbPr video output


Put the core.rbf and the TOS as tos.img to the SD-Card. TOS/hard disc/floppy images are selectable in the OSD (F12).

The core needs at least firmware version 20190819.

Current issues/limitations:

  • Some MFP imperfections
  • Some bugs in ST mode
  • Blitter is not cycle accurate (affects STe demos)
  • No RAM cache for Mega STe
  • Missing Ethernec support
  • No RTC
  • Only fake LMC1992
  • PAL clock only (32.084 MHz)

Thanks to:

  • Till Harbaum for the MiST board, original MiST core, new IKBD code
  • Jorge Cwik for the FX68K CPU core and shifter decap
  • Christian Zietz for recovering the schematics of the GSTMCU
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