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Main Components

  • Altera Cyclone EP3C25 FPGA
  • 32 Megabytes 16 bit wide SDR SDRAM
  • AT91SAM7S56 ARM IO controller
  • MAX3421E USB host controller
  • TUSB2046 USB HUB

External Connectors, buttons and LEDs

  • 4 USB host ports
  • Analog VGA output with 3*6 bits colour depth
  • Stereo analog audio output
  • Micro USB for Power Supply and IO Controller flash update
  • 2 classic DB9 Atari style joystick connectors
  • SD Card slot
  • 3 LEDs (Power, FPGA and IO Controller)
  • 3 Pushbuttons (Board Reset, Menu, Core defined)
  • Power Switch

Internal Connectors, switches and jumpers

  • 1 Flash Jumper for IO Controller flash update via Micro USB
  • 2 DIP switches (FPGA bypass, core defined)
  • ARM JTAG connector for ARM IO Controller development and debugging
  • FPGA JTAG connector for FPGA development and debugging
  • ARM Debug connector for development
  • FPGA Expansion connector for MIDI/RS232/Debugging/...
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