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MIST (Media Integration Standard Toolkit)
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MGEditor 不要なファイルを削除. Sep 29, 2006
build Fixed a problem that gcc outputs warning for unused variables. Dec 27, 2011
demo Change copyright text to 2010 version. Jan 8, 2010
docs Add documents Dec 19, 2018
document Doxygen1.7.3用の設定ファイルに更新 Jan 31, 2011
test Fixed problems that mist could not be compiled with gcc of version 4.6. May 29, 2012
license.txt Updated the copyright year to 2011. Apr 26, 2011
mist.png 画像ライブラリに,PNGとTIFFを追加. Nov 18, 2003

MIST (Media Integration Standard Toolkit)




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