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ngDux - Redux bindings for AngularJS
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ngDux - Introduction

ngDux was created to overcome deficits of the existing AngularJS-Redux (ng-redux) binding implementation.
The need to share a store instance between AngularJS and React components is one of the main reasons for this reinvention of the wheel.

The existing ng-redux implementation allows only for creating a Redux store instance inside the ng-redux bindings configuration. There is no way of accessing the store instance object directly or to provide an existing store instance to the ng-redux bindings.

ngDux leaves the creation and configuration of the store instance up to the developer, to allow the use of a shared store instance between AngularJs and React (just like react-redux does).

To make selectors and mappings reuseable between AngularJS and React components, we tried to resemble the react-redux connect() API as close as possible. If you ever worked with react-redux, you will probably feel familiar with using ngDux.

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