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Swaggy Bastard Theme for Ghost

A free boilerplate responsive theme for Ghost blogging platform.

Swaggy Bastard is a fork of Bastard! It mostly contains UI changes to make the theme look a lighter.


A demo can be seen here. swag.gferreira.me gferreira.me screenshot


You can download the theme by clicking Download Zip

Using Bastard Theme

  1. Copy the theme folder inside /content/themes of Ghost.
  2. Restart Ghost and then go to Ghost's Settings (http://your.domain.com/ghost/settings/general/). Choose "Swaggy Bastard" from the theme dropdown menu and save your changes.
  3. Optionally, you can update the background cover with your own image to replace the default cover image.
  4. Have fun :)

Customising Bastard Theme

Bastard theme uses Grunt to lint, compile, and concatenate the javascript and SASS components. Customize the theme by editing the assets/js/bastard.js and sass/* files. Run grunt to compile your changes or use the grunt watch while you build your own theme.

  1. Make sure you have Node.js, Bower and Grunt installed on your system.
  2. Copy theme folder to Ghost themes directory /content/themes. Open your terminal and make the theme's folder your current working directory.
  3. Run bower install to install package dependencies.
  4. Run npm install to install Grunt components.
  5. Restart Ghost and switch the theme to use Swaggy Bastard in the Ghost's Settings.
  6. Make your changes by updating /sass/*, /assets/*, and *.hbs files of the theme.
  7. Run grunt watch to start watching for file changes or run grunt to build your latest changes.
  8. If you have new images for the theme, just place them inside image_sources folder and Grunt will handle the optimisation automatically and store the optimized version inside assets/images/.
  9. Update the social media icon links by updating partials/social.hbs.
  10. Update gravatar by updating URL in partials/gravatar.hbs.

Resources & Dependencies


MIT License