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+# CFTracker
+## Introduction
+CFTracker is a CFML based application, designed to help monitor and investigate what's currently going on inside the CFML engine you're running. It'll expose internal information, track statistics, allow you to perform actions against items, run reports, generate alerts and more.
+## Features
+This list is not finalised, suggestions and comments are welcome:
+* Expose the following CFML engine aspects:
+ * Application instances (application.cfc / CFApplication)
+ * Session instances (Overall and per application)
+ * Query Cache
+ * Template Cache
+ * CFML threads
+* Expose information from the JVM and possibly Java Application server
+ * JVM information (memory, CPU usage etc...)
+ * Java threads.
+ * Any metrics provided by the Java Application Server (tomcat, JBoss, jetty)
+* Alerts
+ * Configurable rules setting limits against the various exposed information
+ * Different actions upon the alert being raised (hit URL, email, custom CFC)
+ * Alerts can be closed, linked, information provided, audited.
+* Auditing
+ * Tracking any setting changes against who and when.
+ * Optional logging of CFTracker users and what they are viewing or performing actions against.
+* Remote monitoring
+ * Hook into other CFTracker installations or base CFML Components (exposed as a secure web service).
+ * Provide as close as an experience compared to viewing local information as possible.
+## Requirements
+This version is currently in development. The initial focus will be a set of CFML Components that will provide support for the following engines:
+* Adobe ColdFusion 7, 8, 9, 10
+* OpenBD 2.x
+* Railo 3.3.x
+There will also be a CFML Web based application, built on top of these components. The current plan is to only support the following engines, with older engines being monitored remotely (using the set of CFML components mentioned above):
+* Adobe ColdFusion 9, 10
+* OpenBD 2.x
+* Railo 3.3.x

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