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require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/etc/class/t7.php';
if(isset($_GET['ajax'])) {
$ajax = new t7ajax();
switch($_GET['ajax']) {
case 'stories':
if($stories = $db->query('select ifnull(ss.lastposted,s.posted) as posted, if(ss.url is null,s.url,concat(ss.url,\'/\')) as url, ifnull(ss.title,s.title) as title, ifnull(ss.deschtml,s.deschtml) as deschtml, ss.numstories from stories as s left join stories_series as ss on where s.published=1 group by ifnull(s.series, order by posted desc')) {
$ajax->Data->stories = [];
while($story = $stories->fetch_object()) {
if($story->posted > 100)
$story->posted = t7format::TimeTag('M j, Y', $story->posted, 'g:i a \o\n l F jS Y');
$story->posted = false;
$ajax->Data->stories[] = $story;
} else
$ajax->Fail('database error looking up stories.');
$html = new t7html(['ko' => true]);
<a class=feed href="<?php echo dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); ?>/feed.rss" title="rss feed of stories"><img alt=feed src="/images/feed.png"></a>
one of the things i did to pass the time at school was write stories.
it actually started in a junior high english class where the teacher was
trying to show us that writing was fun, and i stuck with it until my
college classes needed more of my focus. some of the stories here i
handed in as assignments, including some that are actually essays and
not stories at all. one of them is even a poem. my more recent writing
has been in the <a href="/bln/">blog</a> but i have a few ideas i might
try to get out as stories.
<!-- ko foreach: stories -->
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<p class=postmeta data-bind="visible: posted || numstories">
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<div class=description data-bind="html: deschtml"></div>
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