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Code and Projects for the Microchip PIC32MZ series Microcontrollers

Including PIC32MZ USB without Harmony.

See the Microchip forum for basic USB and USB CDC ACM examples.

Here is an USB Audio Speaker example made using my USB device stack, without using Harmony.

UPDATE - 10 May 2020: I added a "drop in" USB CDC ACM project. The main.c is only to be used as a reference, there are some settings or initializations you'd need to add/include in your own project's main.c file.

It will work as-is for testing but it's intended to be copied into your project to save time and effort. You only need to copy everything except the main.c file unless you intend to start your project with that.

There are four (4) files: main.c usb_cdc_acm.c usb.h usb_descriptors.h

NOTE: Pin/Port F3 is used on 100 and 144 pin device for the USBID. It may be different on other packages. You can find the board initialization void initBoard() in main.c and you'll see: CNPUFbits.CNPUF3 = 1; // Pull-up enabled on RPF3 (To set USB as a B-Device ) Also if you're using the USBID pin you probably won't need to enable the pull-up resistor (on RPF3), devices such as the PIC32MZ DA have a decicated USBID pin.

UPDATE - 10 September 2020: I finally learned how to get the USB DMA to work. I may add an USB Audio Speaker with DMA example later but for now check the forum link above. I describe how to use the USB DMA in the update, in the first post.

Mark S. Lewis AKA MisterHemi

mark(at), misterhemi(at)


Code and Projects for the Microchip PIC32MZ series Microcontrollers




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