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Corrections for the Book "Stylish F#" by Kit Eason, Apress, 2018
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Corrections and Proposed Additions for the Book "Stylish F#" by Kit Eason, Apress, 2018

This repo contains corrections and potential additions for the book "Stylish F". If you see a typo or code mistake, or would like to suggest additional or revised content, please submit a PR here. Changes will be incorporated in the next edition when possible.


Chapter 4, page 93, Recommendations

Currently reads:

I want the average of largest three

Should read:

I want the average of the largest three

Chapter 5, page 100

Currently reads:

...keep updating it if it the...

Should read:

...keep updating it if the...

Chapter 6, page 143, Listing 6-28

Some s is incorrectly indented.

Chapter 7, page 168

Worth pointing out that Fable.Remoting makes nice use of records as interfaces.

Chapter 8, page 196, Listing 8-11

Currently reads:

// Requires the version of ConsolePrompt from Listing 8-4

Should read:

// Requires the version of ConsolePrompt from Listing 8-11

Chapter 9, Page 241, Listing 9-14

The typographic quotes in the listing have incorrectly been replaced with neutral quotes.

Chapter 13, Page 359

Remove paragraph saying that it would now be a good time to rurun the code.


Chapter 3 - Missing Data

  • Add new section on Option.orElse.

Chapter 4 - Working Effectively with Collection Functions

  • Add a cross reference between LINQ naming and F# name - e.g. SelectMany -> collect

Chapter 10 - Asynchronous and Parallel Programming

Type Providers

Consider adding a section on type providers.

  • SQL
  • CSV
  • CSV versus CSVFile
  • Sampling issues
  • JSON

F# 4.6

Anonymous Record Types
  • Add new section to Chapter 7 to cover anonymous record types:

-- Instantiation

-- Consumption

-- Performance

-- Structs

-- Serialization


  • Amend existing commentary on long tuples in pipelines to include the possibility of using anonymous record types.

See this for style comments:

ValueOption extensions

Delete/amend the para beginning At the time of writing... on p.55.


Consider adding to Chapter 4.

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