Eclipse plug-in that generates tag clouds from your source code.
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Sourcecloud is an Eclipse plug-in that lets you create tag clouds of your source code.

It makes heavy use of Cloudio (i.e. most of the code comes directly from Cloudio's demo application), the SWT based tag cloud visualization for Zest. The font size indicates how often a word occurs in the source code.

Here are some examples:

Why would you want to make tag clouds for source code?

It can give you a quick first impression of the quality of a code base. Ideally, you should see many names of the project's domain. On the other hand, if you see lots of nulls, ints and Strings, chances are that the code will be hard to understand because there are not many domain specific types in it.

The idea for this project came from Kevlin Henney, who used such tag clouds in a presentation at Jazoon 2010.


There's an update site for integration builds (no release has been made yet). Note that you need at least Eclipse Indigo (3.7) and it has not been tested on Eclipse 4. The update site includes the needed Cloudio/Zest plug-ins.

But I'm not using Eclipse!

A similar project for .NET languages is the Source Code Word Cloud Generator.

Or, you could just use a few shell commands together with Wordle:

grep -E '\w+' -h -o **/*.java | awk ' { words[$1] += 1 } END { for (w in words) print w ":" words[w] } '