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WPP (v2.1)

  • I do not own WPP (Wave Prapogation Program).
  • This is a modified version of WPP (based on v2.1) for use on the LONI systems, including:
    • A custom make include file and modified Makefile for LONI.
    • A set of test scripts for testing WPP on LONI.


WPP is a computer program for simulating seismic wave propagation on parallel machines. WPP solves the governing equations in second order formulation using a second order accurate finite difference approach. The numerical method uses summation by parts stencils to guarantee stability of the explicit time-stepping procedure. The stability holds for heterogeneous material models on Cartesian and curvilinear grids, free surface boundary conditions, mesh refinement interfaces with hanging nodes, and for heterogeneous visco-elastic materials.

The WPP code uses MPI for communication on parallel machines and has shown excellent performance on some of the world's largest supercomputers.

WPP implements substantial capabilities for 3-D seismic modeling, with a free surface condition on the top boundary, non-reflecting far-field boundary conditions on the other boundaries, point force and point moment tensor source terms with many predefined time dependencies, fully 3-D heterogeneous material model specification, elastic or visco-elastic materials, output of synthetic seismograms in the SAC format, output of GMT scripts for laying out simulation information on a map, and output of 2-D slices of (derived quantities of) the solution field as well as the material model. All these features are documented in a User's guide that can be found below.


  • intel-cc-11.1
  • intel-fc-11.1
  • mvapich2-1.4-intel-11.1
  • lapack-mvapich2-1.4-intel-11.1


Using the Intel compilers

Add the following lines to your ~/.soft file:



To build on the LONI systems, modify the following line in the Makefile:

# Set the WPP config file to use
WPPMAKE = configs/

And run make. WPP will be installed into the optimize_v2.1 directory.


To test WPP on the LONI systems, cd test and run ./ You can set your PBS jobs options and select which WPP tests to run by editing

# WPP tests: Add test inputs by uncommenting them.

# PBS Job options

The WPP results of your test jobs should match the results in the input/{test_name}/expected_results directory.


WPP Version 2.1

Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC.

WPP comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; released under GPL. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, see LICENSE.txt for more details.


Serpentine Wave Propogation

Louisiana Optical Network Initiative


WPP is written by N. Anders Petersson, Bjorn Sjogreen.

The test scripts were written ljs015.