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Video Camera Framework.


This package aims to build the same as a comercial ip video camera. It is aimed to support multiple different
system such as the raspberrypi or running with webcams or any other suitable v4l device.

* Access Controlled.
* RTSP Server
* WebStreaming

Current Platforms

* videotest - This will run in a linux desktop / server enviroment for development it will be used as a reference system for all featues.

Planned Features (feel free to help out)

* Transcoding
* RTSP Transcoding
* v4l devices
* local video recording
* remote video recording (eg samba/cifs, nfs, scp, ftp, http)
* record on alarm
* snapshots
* email alerts
* onvif

Getting Started

The camera framework requires several core packages in order to compile it.

* liblogger (
* libclientserver (
* libgstreamer1.0 (at least version 1.4 but may work with 1.2)
* gst-rtsp-server (
* jsoncpp-dev
* gperf
* swig

Runtime dependancies

* gstreamer-js (
* gst-rpicamsrc (
* gst-omx
* nodejs

Note: gst-rpicamsrc is only required if you want to run on the pi


Q: How to start the camera on a pi.
A:   camera -e PI2Camera -w /usr/local/share/camera/webui/

Q: Whats the web gui default
A: It will be on port 8080
   with a default username and password of admin/admin

Q: Whats the default rtsp port
A: It will be on port 8554 and the video url looks like

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