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Misty's formulae

This repository has various formulae which aren't in another fork for some or other reason. Really nothing that exciting here!

Want to install something from here? First you need to:

brew tap mistydemeo/formulae

Formulae available


A library for correcting lens abberations in photos. Added as a dependency for Darktable.


Raw photo processing software using GTK+. I haven't had much chance to try this yet, but was inspired to give it a go based on Lewis Collard's review. Seems to work okay but haven't tested everything yet.

Argyll CMS

Argyll is a colour calibration system which allows calibration of monitors, capture equipment (such as scanners, cameras, etc.) and printers. It can create ICC profiles for calibrated devices.

This formula is just an installer for the binaries from the Argyll site as a convenience, and has been minimally tested so far.


Completion-writing tool for bash and zsh.

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