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Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.11 and libmikmod 3.2.0 ():
- Axel "awe" Wefers <>,
for creating the CoreAudio driver, the new
AIFF driver, and fixes for the wav output driver.
- Frank Loemker, for sending me his collection of patches
for libmikmod.
- Anders F Björklund <>, for updates, fixes and tests on
Mac Platforms and rpm support.
- Ivan Shmakov, for the NAS audio driver.
- MacOS X CoreAudio driver
- Carbon support
- Loader for ASYLUM Music Format v1.0 (.amf) modules,
as used in crusader games.
- New function 'Player_QueryVoices' added, which is used to return
dynamic channel information about the module player. (Mikmod 3.2.2 uses
it for it's dynamic panels).
- Mixing with floating point output. The MacOSX CoreAudio driver uses it.
Thanks goes to Anders F Björklund for implementing this.
- AIFF disk writer driver.
- RPM support. To build a rpm, download the tar.gz, and run this:
% rpmbuild -tb libmikmod-3.2.0-beta2.tar.gz
- New NAS driver (Network Audio System). Tested with nasd and NCD X terminals.
- MREADERs now have an iobase member (previously was a static variable in mmio.c). This
permits to have many MREADERs with different iobase base values.
- Created an example/ subdirectory, to hold programming examples.
- Added functions to read from memory (Player_LoadMem, Sample_LoadMem...) and a memory reader in mmio.c
- renamed internal _mm_malloc function to MikMod_malloc, which is now
part of the API.
- Raw samples can now be loaded using the new Sample_LoadRaw* family of functions for sound effects.
- PowerPC 64 support
- The sun driver now compiles on solaris (Thanks to Nicolas Gros d'Aillon
for sending me Jonathan Perkin's fix)
- The wav output driver had problems on big endian systems. Thanks to
Axel "awe" Wefers for fixing this.
- A warning reported by Stéphane LOEUILLET in libmikmod.m4 with autoconf 1.8 was fixed.
- The 'card' argument, supported by the OSS driver was not documented via
the MDRIVER->CmdLineHelp string.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.10 and libmikmod 3.1.11 (Thiers):
libmikmod 3.1.11 was released on 01/21/2004.
This is a small maintenance release. I know there are not many changes,
but since it has been a very long time since the last one, and meanwhile
libmikmod changed maintaner, I think it is justified.
- Ingo Saitz, the maintainer of the mikmod packages for debian, for
- Frank Loemker, for the lcc-win32 stuff and fixes for the direct sound
- Playback problems in MODs of length >128. This fixes the file beatwave.mod. Thanks
to Emmanuel Coirier for pointing this out.
- Applied debian patches:
- Fix for broken volume fadeouts of IT instruments
- Fixed configure test for pthread
- devfs support for Linux OSS
- Makefile for lcc-win32. To compile libmikmod with lcc-win32 a rather new
version is needed. I currently use version 3.7 compiled on Jan 20 2002.
A version half a year old did not work.
To compile
- check that you have the lcc bin directory in the PATH
(and no other compiler bin dirs),
- change to libmikmod-3.1.11/win32,
- check Makefile.lcc for any needed changes, and
- use make -f Makefile.lcc.
- Different fixes for the direct sound driver:
- Pausing did only work for half of the buffer.
- Restarting the player did not work as the output thread was removed
in DS_PlayStop().
- Removed busy waiting for end of thread.
- Sound output is started immediately on the first call to DS_Update()
to be consistent with other non threaded drivers.
- Different small clean ups.
- In MikMod_Reset() the raw output driver driver did not use the
filename set via the cmdline.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.9 and libmikmod 3.1.10 (Arlanc):
libmikmod 3.1.10 was released on 01/24/2002.
This version is yet another bugfix release. I have more contributions coming,
especially a native MacOS X driver, that will not be present in 3.1.10 but
will be in 3.1.11.
- Most of the bugs mentioned below have been squished by ``UFO'',
Holger Jakob, Thomas Neumann, Mark Page and Juan Linietsky.
- Systematic coredumps on library initialization and calls to
MikMod_InfoDriver have been eliminated. Sorry, and thanks to Shlomi
Fish for the best fix.
- The fix for spurious effect memory for portamentos in MOD files shouldn't
have been applied to the ``porta to note'' (effect 3) effect. Fixed in this
release. In the process, the aforementioned fix was perfected, as it
broke a few modules by accident.
- IT Panbrello effect with random wave did not work.
- IT Tempo slide (T0x, T1x) was not updated accurately, and the effect memory
was not implemented. The only tempo slide command which worked accurately
was T10, which is a no-op (-:
- IT effect SC0 (cut note with no delay) is now correctly interpreted as SC1.
- XM effect 6 (porta + volume slide) didn't have memory.
- ProTracker effect F (change speed or bpm) should now be correctly handled
when its value is 32, depending on the module type (some formats will use
it as a speed value, others as a bpm value).
- XM playback stopped when reaching pattern 255 in the order list.
- Corrupted envelopes in XM instruments are detected and some repair is
- Some valid AMF, IMF and IT modules refused to load.
- Fine volume slide effects in volume column of IT modules, when using the
effect memory (i.e. A0 and B0) were misinterpreted as AF and BF, thus
causing unwanted large slides.
- Portamento to note effect in volume column of IT modules was not rendered
- S3M files marked as created by ScreamTracker will honour the limit of 64000
bytes (not 64KB!) for sample length and sample offset effect position.
- Loops in instrument envelopes were processed one tick too fast.
- In-song message in FAR modules were not displayed correctly.
- ProTracker effect E9 (Retrig) was not played correctly.
- Modules which are not panning-aware (not using any panning effects and
with the tracker's default panning) use a recentered panning, so as to
sound better with headphones. Suggested by Urpo Lankinen.
- Retrigger and panning effects are now recognized in FAR modules.
- All arpeggio effects are now played in OKT modules.
- FLT8 modules (8 channel StarTrekker) are now recognized and played.
- The Windows DirectSound driver has been improved and will use less
resources during playback.
- The native audio driver for NetBSD and OpenBSD should work better with
recent versions of these systems, as well as with old sound cards such
as the SoundBlaster Pro.
- Mac OS X is supported, although no native sound driver is available for
it yet, thanks to Juha Kaunisto.
- Dynamically loading drivers is now supported on HP-PA systems running
under HP-UX, as well on systems using the a.out binary file format.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.8 and libmikmod 3.1.9 (Vorey):
libmikmod 3.1.9 was released on 02/14/2000.
This version is a bugfix release, and was primarily considered as a public
patch for 3.1.8 (namely, version 3.1.8-a). However, due to the very important
bug fix in XM playback, among other things, it's worth being 3.1.9...
- Many thanks to ``UFO'', Thomas Neumann, James Kehl and Vito Caputo for their
help, code and feedback.
- Special thanks to Gerd Rausch, for writing both the Linux sam9407 driver and
the associated Mikmod driver. Nice work !
- Thanks to Bastien Nocera for letting me do some tests under Linux/PPC.
- Envelopes weren't loaded correctly for IMF and XM modules. In the average
case, the first envelope point was correct, the remaining half points were
bogus, and the other half completely random. This fix is definitely worth
the upgrade.
- In MOD files, effect 0xc (set channel volume) with effect parameter 0xff was
misplayed as a note cut.
- In MOD files too, effects 0x1, 0x2 and 0x3 (portamentos) with effect
parameter 0x00 were using the command memory, but these commands do not have
effect memory for MOD files.
- The Wuzamod check for STM modules wasn't present in 3.1.8, despite what the
release notes said )-:
- Enabling the envelope (with an effect) for a sample with no associated
envelope would cause immediate coredumps. Now fixed.
- Panning was ignored in GDM modules.
- Sample rate was incorrect for STM and STX modules.
- Arpeggio memory (for IT modules) was ignored.
- Tempo slide for IT modules was not processed correctly.
- Toggling surround sound didn't have effect until the driver was reset.
- New loader for Amiga Oktalyzer (.OKT) modules.
- UNI loader recognizes recent APlayer modules (.APUN format level 0x104).
- Due to popular request, the function Player_LoadTitleFP() has been added to
the library.
- Under Unix systems, make targets "check" and "uninstall" have been added.
However, due to a bug in automake, "make uninstall" will only work correctly
with the next release of automake (or the current CVS tree).
- New output driver for sam9407-based soundcards under Linux, featuring
hardware playback.
- Support for the latest Linux Ultra driver development versions (2.99) has
been added. Also, a few bugs in this driver have been fixed.
- The DirectSound driver (win32) shipped with the previous release didn't
compile. It should now - at least things are better !
- The OSS driver from 3.1.8 didn't work very well with some versions of the
Linux kernel, as well as under Linux/PPC. The problems should be gone now.
Also, the OSS driver now handles multi-soundcard configurations.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.7 and libmikmod 3.1.8 (Tence):
libmikmod 3.1.8 was released on 10/25/1999.
- Many thanks (in no particular order) to Frank Loemker, Bjornar Henden, Joshua
Shagam, Vito Caputo, Thomas Neumann, Zach Metzinger, and Kevin Langman for
their help, code and feedback.
- Special thanks to Andrew Zabolotny for his huge work on the OS/2 drivers.
The rest of your code is not lost, it will go into 3.2...
BUGFIXES (more details can be found in file ``PROBLEMS'')
- IT global volume slide effect was played too fast.
- IT effect S6x (pattern delay for x ticks) was misunderstood as SEx (pattern
delay for x rows).
- Finetune effect was not handled correctly for some XM modules.
- Software mixer incorrectly produced extra clicks in interpolated mode (fix by
Frank Loemker).
- Under Unix systems, the piped output driver (drv_pipe), as well as the output
to file drivers (drv_raw, drv_wav) had security issues if the libmikmod
application is setuid root.
- Trying to read data from a file, with the data not located at offset 0,
didn't work correctly since 3.1.5.
- Almost any text file beginning with "if" was considered as a valid module by
Player_LoadTitle(), yet hopefully rejected when trying to load it.
- AMF effect 4 and variants lacked memory.
- IT modules featuring patterns with less than 32 rows could not be loaded.
- Some samples and effects in APlayer converted modules (.apun) were not played
- Linefeeds in the song message in IT modules weren't loaded correctly.
- IMF effect XE (ignore envelope) implemented.
- Support for uLaw output with the OSS driver, for Linux/sparc.
- Started to modularize semaphore usage when possible. The Player_LoadTitle()
function can be used while a module is playing without causing a short pause
in playback.
- STM modules with the Wuzamod signature can now be loaded.
- More ``slightly corrupted'' XM modules can be loaded.
- libmikmod 3.1.7 didn't compile out of the box under IRIX (sorry !)
- The EsounD driver didn't compile under Solaris
- Solaris driver forced playback to either headphone or speaker, instead of
using the current output setting as default. This is now fixed.
- Under SunOS 4, libmikmod should compile with the non-ansi C compiler bundled
by default.
- The ALSA driver now works with ALSA 0.4.
- The OSS driver should now work with Linux/ppc.
- Under OS/2, the MMPM/2 and DART driver have been almost rewritten by Andrew
Zabolotny and work much better. And they are now somewhat configurable, too.
- libmikmod 3.1.8 should work as a DLL under win32 environments. And the
non-directX driver is now registered in MikMod_RegisterAllDrivers().
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.6 and libmikmod 3.1.7 (Sauxillanges):
libmikmod 3.1.7 was released on 06/28/1999.
- Anders Bjoerklund did a terrific job of creating a Macintosh driver !
I'm proud to add the MacOS to the list of supported systems.
- Bjornar Henden provided a non-directX driver for Windows NT users. This
makes libmikmod more portable than ever. Thanks a lot !
- Simon Hosie contributed speed optimizations and bug fixes to the software
mixer. Thanks for your work !
- Timo Taipalus pointed out several severe problems and helped me to get rid
of them. Thanks for your efforts !
BUGFIXES (more details can be found in file ``PROBLEMS'')
- Very long samples were truncated when played with the normal software
- Invalid notes using non-existent instruments caused the current note to
be retrigged instead of being ignored.
- Porta to note effects did not restart the sample envelopes.
- Note cut with non empty volume column on the same row resulted in the note
cut being ignored.
- Disabling/enabling envelopes had no effect.
- 15 instrument modules embedding a ``Music Channel BBS'' ad were rejected.
- Huge (>64Kb) sample offsets were ignored with the hiqh quality mixer.
- Delay note effect was incorrectly converted to pattern jump, and porta to
note was incorrectly converted to tremor, for GDM modules.
- Dual effect Lxx in S3M and IT was misconverted to L00 (this bug was
introduced in 3.1.5-beta2, thanks to Timo Taipalus for noticing it)
- Pitch envelope was not played accurately (IT).
- XM modules in format 1.03 couldn't be loaded.
- XM modules with the tracker name empty made the library coredump on some
- Set finetune effect (E5x) wasn't handled correctly for XM modules.
- Fine slides (X1x,X2x) didn't play correctly for XM modules (thanks to Frank
Loemker for reporting it).
- If the MikMod_InitThreads() function was called more than once, the library
did not behave correctly.
- Sample loops were not computed correctly for Oktalyzer modules.
- Modules can be played with a speed shift (suggested by Roope Anttinnen).
- MikMod_Init() and MikMod_Reset() have been extended to pass specific
parameters to the drivers. This makes libmikmod 3.1.7 incompatible with the
previous versions, but updated libmikmod-based players will be released soon.
The shared library version has increased (now 2.0). This number scheme is
going to be as crazy as ncurses' one...
- It was not possible to create a multithreaded library on FreeBSD (fix by
Roope Anttinnen).
- HP-UX driver used to reset mixer settings at initialization.
- Added MacOS support, thanks to Anders Bjoerklund.
- Solaris driver now works on Solaris/Intel edition.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.5 and libmikmod 3.1.6 (Romegier):
libmikmod 3.1.6 was released on 03/24/1999.
- When the library was built thread-safe, calls to Player_SetPosition
resulted in a deadlock.
- The OSS driver was too strict and didn't allow OSS to select a different
playback frequency.
- A volume bug has been removed from the module player (thanks to Thomas
Neumann for the report).
- Volume ramping has been ported from the high quality mixer to the regular
mixer, and is enabled when interpolated mixing is requested. You should hear
less clicks in interpolated mode from now ! (Suggested by Bjornar Henden)
- The UNI loader recognizes APlayer format 1.3 modules.
- The NetBSD and OpenBSD driver should work with recent NetBSD and OpenBSD
- Some Windows code has been merged. Feedback will be appreciated. Note that,
as I don't have a windows development system (and no plan to have one in the
near future), I can't test or debug the Windows part myself.
Summary of changes between libmikmod 3.1.2 and libmikmod 3.1.5 (Pradelles):
libmikmod 3.1.5 was released on 03/01/1999.
- Many thanks to Lutz Roeder and Uwe Thoma, who send me the description of
the Imago Orpheus file format (IMF), as well as some of Imago's code, which
made the creation of the IMF loader a pure C exercise (-:
- Many thanks to Claudio Matsuoka, Tobias Gloth, C. Ray C. and Ben Collver for
their contributions and bug reports.
- Also big thanks to Jan Havelka for his help in tracking and fixing bugs.
- I almost forgot to thank Cedric Hebert for pointing out the gcc 2.x
optimization options bug !
- And as a last-minute add-on, Kev Vance submitted a GDM loader.
- The OSS driver used much more memory than necessary without reason.
- Samples longer than 1 Mb were not played correctly. However, the fix now
requires that your C compiler provides a 64 bit integer type. As a result,
libmikmod will not compile anymore on AIX with old versions of xlC.
- Samples with ping pong loops could make the library segfault on some rare
conditions. This bug was also present in MikIT and in the module plugin
of winamp, which are also based on old MikMod 3 sources...
- The sample loaders will now load samples with extra information blocks in
them, and has been made more robust.
- More checks to detect empty song messages.
- The song message loading routine was bugged and could make the library
- AMF modules in formats 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3 couldn't be loaded.
- MED loader now loads instrument names and song message if they exist.
- More check have been added to the 15 instrument MOD loader to prevent it
from hanging on non-mod files ; let me know if you still experience
problems with it.
- STM loader rejected STM created by MOD2STM ; the last pattern was never
played ; also, in some STM modules the samples were not loaded correctly.
- XM modules in format 1.02 couldn't be loaded.
- Envelope sustain loops in XM modules were not processed correctly.
- Porta to note using the command memory used sometimes an incorrect value
when playing AMF, IT, S3M and ULT modules.
- Volume slides for IT (Dxx) and XM (Axx) modules didn't continue in the
- Porta down effect in the volume column of IT modules was not played
- Problems occuring when compiling libmikmod when an older version of libmikmod
is installed are now fixed.
- The documentation incorrectly referred to PAN_MIDDLE instead of PAN_CENTER.
- On platforms that support POSIX.4 threads, the library is now thread-safe.
- Depending on your system's capabilities, ALSA and EsounD driver can now
be dynamically loaded when a libmikmod application is run, so if you built
your binary with the shared ALSA or EsounD libraries (which is the default),
it will run on other systems lacking those libraries.
- New loaders for GDM (General Digital Music), IMF (Imago Orpheus) and STX
(STMIK 0.2) modules.
- UNI loader is back, for those who need to play the ``Acid Tetris'' songs.
- S3M loader correctly identifies S3M modules created by Impulse Tracker
an Imago Orpheus.
- IT effect T (slide tempo) is now implemented.
- The driver for the Linux Ultrasound project (the ancestor of ALSA) is back,
- The selection of the standard or high-quality software mixer is now made at
- New interfaces Voice_Get{Frequency,Panning,Volume} and
Player_GetChannelPeriod (this one is for x11amp's MikMod plugin).
- Due to the addition of the new driver and loaders, library version has
- Compiling with gcc 2.x under Linux on x86 platforms performed aggressive
optimizations which had nasty interferences with the channel volumes on
some modules. Hopefully this is now fixed, so gcc users will get the same
sound quality as egcs users.
I apologize to everyone told me of this volume problem for the time it took
me to figure out where it came from.
Previous versions of libmikmod were bundled with the MikMod player ; refer to
its ``NEWS'' file for older changes information.