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TODO list for future versions (or ROADMAP if you prefer)
**** for the next major release, libmikmod 3.2:
- bugfixes
- ability to have several modules in memory (it doesn't work in all cases in
the current version)
- integration of the LINA (LINA Is Not A3D) companion library written by
David Banz.
- total module length computation
- ability to seek in modules in smaller chunks than patterns
**** during 3.2.x maintenance releases:
- a NAS (Network Audio System) driver
- DMF and PSM loaders
- loading of stereo and ADPCM wave files
**** hopefully in 3.x.x releases:
- bugfixes
- use of glib or Pth for better thread support (i.e. more portability)
- LIQ loader (see with Claudio Matsuoka)
- MED improvements (at least I hope so)
- software mixer improvements
- an OSS sequencer driver
- an ALSA sequencer driver
**** Will hopefully occur in 4.x
- bugfixes
- a TFMX loader (see with Claudio, too)
**** Plans for the 4.x series and later:
- bugfixes
- a well-defined module loader interface, allowing both libmikmod and xmp to
share the same loader code (in cooperation with Claudio, of course)
- extending the feature list, at the request of the users: midi support ?
mp3 support ? cdda support ? suggestions welcome.
Want something else ? Drop me a note at <> and I'll
see what I can do for you...