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/* ========== Package information */
/* Package name (libmikmod) */
#undef PACKAGE
/* Package version */
#undef VERSION
/* ========== Features selected */
/* Define if your system supports binary pipes (i.e. Unix) */
#undef DRV_PIPE
/* Define if you want a .aiff file writer driver */
#undef DRV_AIFF
/* Define if the AudioFile driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_AF
/* Define if the AIX audio driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_AIX
/* Define if the Linux ALSA driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_ALSA
/* Define if the Enlightened Sound Daemon driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_ESD
/* Define if the HP-UX audio driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_HP
/* Define if the Network Audio System driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_NAS
/* Define if the Open Sound System driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_OSS
/* Define if the Linux SAM9407 driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_SAM9407
/* Define if the SGI audio driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_SGI
/* Define if the Sun audio driver or compatible (NetBSD, OpenBSD)
is compiled */
#undef DRV_SUN
/* Define if the Linux Ultra driver is compiled */
#undef DRV_ULTRA
/* Define this if you want the MacOS X CoreAudio driver */
#undef DRV_OSX
/* Define this if you want the Carbon Mac Audio driver */
#undef DRV_MAC
/* Define if you want a debug version of the library */
/* Define if you want runtime dynamic linking of ALSA and EsounD drivers */
/* Define if your system provides POSIX.4 threads */
/* ========== Build environment information */
/* Define if your system is SunOS 4.* */
#undef SUNOS
/* Define if your system is AIX 3.* - might be needed for 4.* too */
#undef AIX
/* Define if your system defines random(3) and srandom(3) in math.h instead
of stdlib.h */
/* Define if EsounD driver depends on ALSA */
/* Define if your system has RTLD_GLOBAL defined in <dlfcn.h> */
/* Define if your system needs leading underscore to function names in dlsym() calls */
/* define this if you are running a bigendian system (motorola, sparc, etc) */