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v0.7.1 Tweakage
- Removed Mediainfo#parsed_response accessor which always returned nil after
multi-stream API updates
- Added Mediainfo::Stream#parsed_response reader to restore the ability to
access metadata not surfaced through explicit :mediainfo_attr_reader declarations
- Added more compatible shell escaping style [d--j]
v0.7.0 Multiple Stream Support
- updated API to support files with multiple streams of one type(NOTE: MAJOR API CHANGE!)
e.g. many Quicktime files have multiple video streams
- removed support for some top level accessors that implied certain track types
e.g. mediainfo.height would now most likely be or mediainfo.image.height
v0.6.2 XML Configuration Examples
- added examples on how to configure XML back end
v0.6.1 GitHub Home Page
- use GitHub Pages url as home page for gem
v0.6.0 XML Output
- v0.7.25 of the Mediainfo CLI is now required, as the Mediainfo class'
parsing implementation is now based on parsing XML output. REXML will
be used by default, but Hpricot and Nokogiri are also supported.
v0.5.1 Packaging Fix
- Gemspec was referencing a missing file
- Behold: THREE DIGIT VERSION NUMBER. Serious business now!
v0.5.0 Raw, Son
- You can now initialize an instance from raw CLI output
v0.4.0 Mediainfo Respects Your Existing Customs
- Define String#shell_escape only if it is not already defined
v0.3.0 Mediainfo Is High Class
- Class instead of instance-level customization of mediainfo binary path.
Set Mediainfo.path = /path/to/binary if mediainfo is not in your shell
- Instances retain the :last_command run. The API to rerun that command is
still private.
- Started defining custom Mediainfo exception classes and are now raising
Mediainfo::ExecutionError instead of RuntimeError if the system command
exits with anything other than 0.
v0.2.0 Escape from the Shell
- Added proper escaping for funky filenames. Thanks to Peter Vandenberk!
v0.1.0 Initial Release