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require 'rubygems' # When running under 1.8. Who knows?
require 'mediainfo' # Capture technical metadata from video. Requires MediaInfo
require 'mini_exiftool' # Capture software metadata from video. Requires ExifTool
require 'find' # Ruby's Find.find method
require 'yaml' unless ARGV.include? '--no-yaml'
require 'json' if ARGV.include? '--json'
require 'digest/md5' unless ARGV.include? '--no-hash'
# Internal functions and classes
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/lib/metadata.rb'
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/lib/client.rb'
# These are the filetypes we consider to be videos
# All others are not videos and we care nothing for them
# Note that we will also scan files with no extensions.
filetypes = [ '.mov', '.avi', '.mp4', '.m4v', '.flv', '.mpg', '.mpeg', 'm2v', '.mts', '.mkv', '.swf' ]
case ARGV[0]
when nil
puts "usage: metadater <directory>"
puts "metadater will scan the specified directory and produce YAML and/or JSON output"
puts "at the end of the process."
puts "Options:"
puts " --no-hash Do not calculate an MD5 hash for the scanned files"
puts " --full-hash Hash the complete file. This may take a very long time"
puts " --json Write output as JSON"
puts " --no-yaml Do not write output to YAML"
when String
# Get base directory to scan
# This directory and all its subdirectories will be scanned
scandir = ARGV[0].chomp '/' )
scandir.scan( filetypes )