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@@ -6,7 +6,9 @@ The Preeventualist Lost and Found Service was a web service introduced in {chapt
This reborn version of the service is 100% compatible with the API specified in the Poignant Guide, but also adds some new features like JSON and {Brooklyn Integer}[] support.
== API
-Do you really have to ask?
+See {chapter 6}[] of the Poignant Guide.
+This version of the service has one notable difference: you can receive any API response as JSON by including "format=json" in your query. JSON responses can return multiple items if more than one matching item is found; the number of responses is controlled using the "limit" parameter, up to a maximum of 100. In addition, the JSON responses include a "public_id" key, which is a guaranteed-unique identifier for a given item, and a "kind" key, which indicates whether an item is "lost" or "found".
== Where to find it online
Nowhere, I haven't put it up on a public server yet.

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