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`brew untap homebrew/foo` chokes w/ error message #17

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Previously I had succesfully done brew tap homebrew/dupes.

Now doing brew untap homebrew/dupes gives the following:

Error: undefined method `count' for #<Array:0x38c5e8>
Please report this bug:
/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/cmd/untap.rb:24:in `untap'
/usr/local/Library/brew.rb:81:in `send'

This is on 10.5.8PPC. Other taps fail to untap too, with the same error message.


Looks like I may have to backport Array#count for Leopard too.

What's your system ruby version? /usr/bin/ruby --version


/usr/bin/ruby --version yields:

ruby 1.8.6 (2009-06-08 patchlevel 369) [universal-darwin9.0]


Thanks, looks like Array#count was introduced in 1.8.7.

The method is only used in two places in Homebrew so I just changed it to #length. This will be fixed when I merge in Homebrew updates this evening.


If you brew update, this should be fixed now! Let me know if you have any more trouble.

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