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Solar Water Bot Raspberry Pi Automatic Plant Watering System

Solar Water Bot is a solar powered plant watering system built with a Raspberry Pi, sensors, motor, pump and Python code. This was created for my sons 6th grade science project.

Learn more about this project and what parts were used from More tutorials on how exactly to build this out will be added soon.

Raspberry Pi Plant Watering system

Open Top Of Tub When It Rains

This is Python code that will trigger the motor to turn on when the rain sensor detects rain. The motor will open the top of the tub so rain can be captured in the tub. The code also detects when the rain sensor is dry and will trigger the motor to spin the opposite way to close the top of the tub. This assures the water does not get polluted with outside elements when it is not raining. Download Rain Sensor Code

Note: this is the main script you want to call to run the rain sensor code. This script also imports which controls the motor so you will need to download both files for the rain sensor to work.

Turn On Water Pump When Soil Is Dry

This is Python code that will trigger the water pump to turn on when the soil sensor is dry. The pump will turn on pulling water from the tub through water lines up to the plants. The code also detects when the soil sensor is wet and will trigger the pump to turn off. This assures the plants are only watered when the plant soil is dry and not over-watered when the soil is wet. Download Soil Sensor Code

Other Python Files

We also included files and We used these when we were testing the pump. The pump forward code pulls the water from the tub forward to the plants. The pump back code pulls the water back into the tubs. This is useful if you want to empty out your water lines.

Click To Watch Demo Video (opens YouTube video)

Raspberry Pi Plan Watering System

Check out my sons Raspberry Pi YouTube channel. He will be adding more videos soon. Please subscribe to it. You will make a 12 year old boy very happy :)


Python code for Raspberry Pi 3 solar powered plant watering system.






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