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Secret is a gridless, one-column theme with large post thumbnails and pulled alignments. It is based on the Underscores theme.

Secret is fully responsive, and shines both on small pocket-sized devices and large screen computers. On screen sizes that allow it, it's left and right aligned elements (like pictures or blockquotes) are pulled off the chart to make more out of the extra screen real estate without diverting attention to ads, related articles or other stuff.

Being gridless means that instead of conforming to a strict horizontal grid, the pages are laid out to make your eyes rest while you read. As in a book, the text is not quite centered, but shifted slightly to one side. Combined with pulling aligned images, this makes for posts with great readability. Even though we jilted the horizontal grid, Secret does try to conform to a vertical grid, also to improve readability. Your readers shouldn't have to worry about these things. Secret does.

Secret's source files are available at GitHub, look for Mienko/mek_secret.

Roll your own

git clone && cd mek_secret && npm install && bower install && grunt


Gridless WordPress theme



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