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A parallel, distributed simulator for multicores.
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This is the source code for the Graphite multicore simulator developed
by the Carbon research group in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).  Please refer to the LICENSE file in
the top level directory for licensing and copyright information.  For
the latest version of the software or additional information, please
see our website:

If you are using Graphite, please let us know by posting a message on
our user forum.  If you use Graphite in your research please
acknowledge us by referencing our HPCA 2010 paper:

Jason E. Miller, Harshad Kasture, George Kurian, Charles Gruenwald
III, Nathan Beckmann, Christopher Celio, Jonathan Eastep and Anant
Agarwal, "Graphite: A Distributed Parallel Simulator for Multicores"
The 16th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer
Architecture (HPCA), Jan 2010.
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