OpenMC Monte Carlo Code
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OpenMC Monte Carlo Particle Transport Code

The OpenMC project aims to provide a fully-featured Monte Carlo particle transport code based on modern methods. It is a constructive solid geometry, continuous-energy transport code that uses HDF5 format cross sections. The project started under the Computational Reactor Physics Group at MIT.

Complete documentation on the usage of OpenMC is hosted on Read the Docs at If you are interested in the project or would like to help and contribute, please send a message to the OpenMC User's Group mailing list.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in the User's Guide.


If you run into problems compiling, installing, or running OpenMC, first check the Troubleshooting section in the User's Guide. If you are not able to find a solution to your problem there, please send a message to the User's Group mailing list.

Reporting Bugs

OpenMC is hosted on GitHub and all bugs are reported and tracked through the Issues feature on GitHub. However, GitHub Issues should not be used for common troubleshooting purposes. If you are having trouble installing the code or getting your model to run properly, you should first send a message to the User's Group mailing list. If it turns out your issue really is a bug in the code, an issue will then be created on GitHub. If you want to request that a feature be added to the code, you may create an Issue on github.


OpenMC is distributed under the MIT/X license.