Problem Sets for MIT 6.822 Formal Reasoning About Programs, Spring 2018
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Problem Sets for MIT 6.822 Formal Reasoning About Programs (Spring 2018)

Instructions for completing problem set #X

  1. Run make in the directory psetX/.
  2. Read the module signature for the problem set in the file psetX/PsetXSig.v. These are the instructions!
  3. Complete psetX/PsetX.v, which implements the module signature in psetX/PsetXSig.v. In your complete PsetX.v, there should be no uses of Admitted or admit (or similar holes).
  4. Run make in the psetX/ directory and ensure it builds without error.
  5. Upload your psetX/PsetX.v file to the class website.

Tips for building problem sets

Setting PATH for coqc

$ PATH=(your bin directory where coqc resides):$PATH
$ export PATH
  • Where is my bin directory?
    • CoqIDE users
      • CoqIDE bundle already includes binaries, so we can use them.
      • Windows: the directory where coqide.exe is located. Make sure coqc.exe is also in there.
      • Mac: (Your CoqIDE app path)/Contents/Resources/bin
    • Users who installed Coq with Homebrew
      • The typical path is /usr/local/bin, but it may differ by Homebrew configuration.
    • All other users who manually installed Coq: just the location you gave during ./configure
  • I recommend to embed above commands in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc.

Building problem sets

$ source # optional
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ make -C frap lib
$ make -C pset1
  • Above procedure assumes PATH is set for detecting coqc (check with which coqc!).
  • You should execute with source (or just .) in order to export the variable to the parent process.
  • If you already set the COQBIN variable, you don't need to execute the script.