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Accelerating Deep Learning Computing

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  1. [ICLR 2019] ProxylessNAS: Direct Neural Architecture Search on Target Task and Hardware

    Python 1.3k 263

  2. [ICLR 2020] Once for All: Train One Network and Specialize it for Efficient Deployment

    Python 1.4k 244

  3. [ICCV 2019] TSM: Temporal Shift Module for Efficient Video Understanding

    Python 1.6k 363

  4. spvnas Public

    [ECCV 2020] Searching Efficient 3D Architectures with Sparse Point-Voxel Convolution

    Python 345 64

  5. [NeurIPS 2020] Differentiable Augmentation for Data-Efficient GAN Training

    Python 941 140

  6. pvcnn Public

    [NeurIPS 2019, Spotlight] Point-Voxel CNN for Efficient 3D Deep Learning

    Python 433 102



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