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First place in the Visual Wake Words challenge (TF-lite track) in LPIRC'19
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Solution to Visual Wakeup Words Challenge'19 (first place).

Participants: Song Han, Ji Lin, Kuan Wang, Tianzhe Wang, Zhanghao Wu (following alphabetical order)



We have converted our model to tflite format with uint8 quantization. Here we provide a script to evaluate the model with PyTorch data loader in However, to keep consistent with TensorFlow preprocessing, we used the preprocessing function imported from tensorflow. The preprocessing we used is defined in

Our floating point model (model_fp32.pb) can get 95.40% top-1 accuracy on the minival set of VWW.

Our quantized model (model_quantized.tflite) can get 94.575% top-1 accuracy on the minival set of VWW.

The demo code on Raspberry Pi and Android is included in this repo under the demos folder.





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  author={Cai, Han and Zhu, Ligeng and Han, Song},
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