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This example shows how to use the MITIE C API to perform named entity
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <mitie.h>
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
void print_entity (char** tokens, const mitie_named_entity_detections* dets, unsigned long i);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
int main(int argc, char** argv)
mitie_named_entity_extractor* ner = 0;
mitie_named_entity_detections* dets = 0;
unsigned long num_tags = 0;
unsigned long num_dets = 0;
unsigned long i = 0;
char** tokens = 0;
int return_code = EXIT_FAILURE;
if (argc != 3)
printf("You must give a MITIE ner model file as the first command line argument\n");
printf("followed by a text file to process. For example:\n");
printf("./ner_example MITIE-models/english/ner_model.dat sample_text.txt\n");
ner = mitie_load_named_entity_extractor(argv[1]);
if (!ner)
printf("Unable to load model file\n");
goto cleanup;
// Print out what kind of tags this tagger can predict.
num_tags = mitie_get_num_possible_ner_tags(ner);
printf("The tagger supports %lu tags:\n", num_tags);
for (i = 0; i < num_tags; ++i)
printf(" %s\n", mitie_get_named_entity_tagstr(ner, i));
// Now get some text and turn it into an array of tokens.
tokens = mitie_tokenize_file(argv[2]);
if (!tokens)
printf("Unable to tokenize file.\n");
goto cleanup;
// Now detect all the entities in the text file we loaded and print them to the screen.
dets = mitie_extract_entities(ner, tokens);
if (!dets)
printf("Unable to allocate list of MITIE entities.");
goto cleanup;
num_dets = mitie_ner_get_num_detections(dets);
printf("\nNumber of named entities detected: %lu\n", num_dets);
for (i = 0; i < num_dets; ++i)
print_entity(tokens, dets, i);
return_code = EXIT_SUCCESS;
return return_code;
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
void print_entity (
char** tokens,
const mitie_named_entity_detections* dets,
unsigned long i
unsigned long pos, len;
pos = mitie_ner_get_detection_position(dets, i);
len = mitie_ner_get_detection_length(dets, i);
// Print the label and score for each named entity and also the text of the named entity
// itself. The larger the score the more confident MITIE is in the tag.
printf(" Tag %lu: Score: %0.3f: %s: ", mitie_ner_get_detection_tag(dets,i),
while(len > 0)
printf("%s ", tokens[pos++]);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------