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Noria MySQL adapter

This repository contains the MySQL/MariaDB protocol adapter for Noria. The adapter allows legacy applications that use parameterized MySQL queries to directly start using Noria, with no or minimal source code changes.

Running the adapter

To run the adapter and listen on the default MySQL port (3306), simply type:

$ cargo run --release -- --deployment $NORIA_DEPLOYMENT_ID

The NORIA_DEPLOYMENT_ID is the same deployment ID you used when starting the Noria server.

If you would like to use a different port (e.g., because you're also running a MySQL server), pass -p <PORT>.

Connecting to Noria

The MySQL adapter uses ZooKeeper to find the Noria server. To specify the ZooKeeper server location, pass the -z argument:

$ cargo run --release -- --deployment $NORIA_DEPLOYMENT_ID -z

... for a ZooKeeper listening on port 2181 at IP