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Verifying concurrent crash-safe systems
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Verifying concurrent, crash-safe systems

Build Status

Verifying refinement for systems with both concurrency and crash-safety requirements, including recovery procedures. For example, think of file systems, concurrent write-ahead logging like Linux's jbd2 layer, and persistent key-value stores like RocksDB.


We develop Perennial using Coq master. We also maintain compatibility with Coq v8.9.1, which is tested as part of continuous integration.

This project uses git submodules to include several dependencies. You can either use git clone --recurse-submodules or (after cloning) git submodule update --init --recursive to set that up.

We compile with, a Python wrapper around coqc to get timing information; due to limitations in the Makefile, this wrapper is required to pass the right flags to Coq even if not using the timing information. You'll need Python3 and the argparse library (pip3 install argparse) to run the wrapper.

To compile just run make with Coq on your $PATH.


Perennial is described in an upcoming SOSP paper, "Verifying concurrent, crash-safe systems with Perennial".

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